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Officers 2021-2022

President: Carl Burgchardt, Carl.Burgchardt@ColoState.EDU

Vice president: Sue Doe, Sue.Doe@ColoState.EDU

Secretary: Bridget Julian, Bridget.Julian@ColoState.EDU

Treasurer: Kathleen Fairfax,

Screening officer: Clayton Shonkwiler,

Historian: Patricia Rettig,

See list of campus members below.

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Campus Members

Search the CSU directory for contact information.

  • Pat Aloise-Young, Psychology
  • Christopher Ackerson, Chemistry
  • Nicole Archambeau, History
  • Valerie J. Assetto, Political Science
  • B. George Barisas, Chemistry
  • Doreen Beard, Design and Merchandising
  • Vicky Buchan, Social Work
  • Carl R. Burgchardt, Communication Studies
  • Jonathan Carlyon, Foreign Language and Literature
  • Christine Chin, Business
  • Courtenay Daum, Political Science
  • Scott Denning, Atmospheric Science
  • Sue Doe, English
  • John Dostalek, CIRA
  • Richard Eykholt, Physics
  • Anna D. Fails, Biomedical Sciences
  • William M. Fairbank, Physics
  • Kathleen Fairfax, VP for International Affairs
  • George Ferris, Veterinary Teaching Hospital
  • Gwen Fisher, Psychology
  • Martin P. Gelfand, Physics
  • Rebecca Groh, Coordinator, Orientation Programs
  • Judy Hannah, Geosciences
  • Michael J. Hogan, Sociology
  • Ruth Hufbauer, Bioagsciences and Pest Management
  • Wayne Jensen, Clinical Sciences
  • Elizabeth B. Jones, History
  • Bridget Julian, Continuing Education
  • Jason La Belle, Anthropology
  • Rachel Lucas-Thompson, Human Development and Family Studies
  • Bradley J. MacDonald, Political Science
  • Diane C. Margolf, History
  • Carol L. Moeller, Biomedical Sciences
  • Don Mykles, Honors Program
  • Jamie Neilson, Chemistry
  • Peter Nelson, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Jared Orsi, History
  • Michael E. Palmquist, Institute for Learning and Teaching
  • Kira Puntenney-Desmond, Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
  • Howard Ramsdell, Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
  • Patricia J. Rettig, Libraries
  • Kathryn M. Rickard, Psychology
  • Jacob Roberts, Physics
  • Lee Rosen, Psychology
  • Barbara Sebek, English
  • Lauren Shomaker, Human Development and Family Studies
  • Clayton Shonkwiler, Mathematics
  • Steven J. Shulman, Economics
  • James R. Sites, College of Natural Sciences
  • Christopher Snow, Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Terry R. Spraker, Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
  • Laurie Stargell, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • David A. Steingraeber, Biology
  • D-L Stewart, School of Education
  • Pete Taylor, Sociology
  • Sarah Tisdale, Atmospheric Science, Graduate Coordinator
  • Walter Toki, Physics
  • Wayne Trzyna, Computer Science
  • Madigan Turnquist, Career Center
  • Jennifer Vancil, Business
  • Sarah E. Wernsing, Ethnic Studies
  • Allison White, Political Science
  • Robert M. Williams, Chemistry
  • Benjamin Withers, Dean of Liberal Arts
  • Ellen Wohl, Geosciences
  • Doug Yarrington, History